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Updated February 2018

Cedar Cottage Chihuahua’s is a small reputable AKC & ACA registered breeder of quality Chihuahua puppies. We are a home breeder located in Blair's Mills, Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania. Surrounded by Amish Farms in rural Pennsylvania. Our puppies are home bred, healthy, friendly, socialized & Lots of personality! We have been breeding sweet and loving pets for over 14 years.  Our Nursery Listed below is where current Puppies are available.



Mr. Sammie.JPG (27209 bytes)Gizmo 2 yrs.JPG (31325 bytes)

Felix             Sammy             Gizmo        Pip-Squeek



    Tiggy .JPG (67380 bytes) Sadie Dry.jpg (405960 bytes) Mimi 6 months.JPG (36914 bytes)

        Cedar Tiggy       Cedar Sadie       Cedar Mimi

Babette.jpg (15549 bytes)  Iris Marie.jpg (3539272 bytes)  Josie best.jpg (43197 bytes)  

            Babette             Iris-Blue            Josie            


At Cedar Cottage we breed Long & Smooth coat Chihuahua’s. We are dedicated to finding the best of pet homes for our puppies. We breed only Chihuahua’s. If you have any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We really love the feedback and would love to hear and answer any questions you have. Sorry we do NOT ship our puppies. It is too stressful for all concerned. We take pride in giving you the best experience and hope to gain your confidence in purchasing a puppy.

Please check out our nursery if you find a puppy you like, contact us for availability. A deposit holds a puppy until the pick-up date. After your purchase please share pictures of your Chihuahua from us and we will put them on our page for all to see.

Stud Service Available 


              Cedar Cottage Nursery  

                                                                     REST PERIOD      


 Call for Details: 



                      Inquires are always welcome!

                                                  PLEASE BE GENUINE!

Communication is Very Important, Please continue to communicate with the Breeder after you have taken your pup.                                                    



We are home/hobby breeders of quality pure bred puppies & very particular on adoptions. Just because we are in Pennsylvania doesn't mean we are a mill! We do not support mills or puppy brokers.


Communication is of major importance in the Adoption of my puppies. Without the personal contact I have no idea of where they are going and to whom. So I ask to Please Telephone if you are GENUINE in your interest. Thank you.                               



  WE WILL NOT HOLD A PUPPY ON THE STRENGTH OF A E-MAIL/TELEPHONE CALL. Personal contact required plus a deposit, and references.

No late pick-ups on Puppy Adoptions. 




Some Chihuahua Facts:  

      The Chihuahua was discovered in Mexico in 1850 and is the smallest dog in the world.  Chihuahuas love to be the center of attention and are very affectionate toward other Chihuahuas and family.  They are curious dogs, and can be very reserved around people they do not know.


quote: AKC Special Services

    There are NO varieties based on size for Chihuahua's. The terms " Tea-Cup", Micro & Pocket are terms breeders or owners use, but have NO formal basis and are simply descriptions of the dogs that they choose. Please consult Breed Standards for Chihuahua's.



Sorry no credit cards or payment plans.

 Please call for details. I have discontinued Waiting Lists without a advance deposit. Sorry........

 Just a note: Bargaining at a Flea Market is acceptable not for a puppy! Personal telephone calls are required before any purchase can be made. Thank you.

Another point in buying a puppy. Breeders do not have a catalog of Colors/Shades etc...Puppies sometimes change in color as they age. No guarantee can be given. Let the puppy choose YOU, rather than fitting a specification.


In Memory

 of those sweet souls who are waiting at "The Rainbow Bridge"                                                                                                          Lady Jayne.jpg (384690 bytes)             Mr. Tarzan.JPG (65197 bytes)       

                                                                  Jayne 6/4/17               Tarzan 5/6/15        


Tootsie.JPG (33191 bytes)Stevie Wonder.JPG (14078 bytes)    Bodie_Chip.jpg (5221021 bytes)

Tootsie              Elvis               Ellie-Mae       Bodie (Chip)


                11/09/17          10/21/17                 4/25/17          06/8/17  (accident) 



                  Fudgie.jpg (165445 bytes)   

   Little Nell      Odie (Mr. Beans)      Fudgie             Peanut   

   12/30/10            11/17/11             Stolen 11/2011    6/13/14

    My Mabel.jpg (82318 bytes)      Fudgie 01.05.14.JPG (2215478 bytes)          Suzie-Q.jpg (68554 bytes)   

  Mabel  11/6/06      Miss Lyla 4/1015    Mister Fudge 01/05/14    Suzie-Q 10/16


Thank You for all your inquiries.     Please Note: Although a personal check will hold a puppy for deposit, final payments must be in cash or a bank check with tax adjustment.            ( Sorry)                                                    

Thank you for visiting our website! Check back from time to time for availability, we are constantly updating this web site, and hopefully getting new puppies. References available on request.



Mike Goshorn

17420 Mountain Foot Spur Rd.

Blairs Mills, Pennsylvania.17213

Tel: 1-717-349-2205

Email ceder03@centurylink.net

Inquiries are always welcome!


All pictures are the property of Cedar Cottage Chihuahua’s and are not to be used without expressed permission.

 Puppies are wormed, given their first course of shots with a certificate of health. Puppies leave with a care package, diet suggestions & toy. AKC/ACA registration & pedigree.

goody bag 001.jpg (2245847 bytes) Good-Bye Goody Bag with every pup.

Chihuahuas need a supplement....

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"Your pet's best friend "

Keep your Puppy Healthy

Highly Recommended Call: 1-800-474-7044



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